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It is enormously pleasing to be read and reviewed by people devoted to literature.

While I navigate the business end of writing, an independent book club groundswell for Searching for George’s Garden has materialized on the east coast. I could not be more grateful for the interest and comments that have been gifted me from readers in Atlanta, Pensacola, and (upcoming) Portland, ME.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving Katy, Martin, and Daniel. And for reminding me why I do this.


Sara R: The sign of a truly satisfying book: I found myself thinking about the characters for days after finishing this read, longing for additional chapters. Highly recommend.

Beth J: …. A positive, hopeful journey.

Drew C: I've been pleasantly surprised to find my thoughts returning to the tiny world and larger-than-life characters. Maybe these thoughts are a nudge (an enticement?) to manage my way through the forbidding hedgerow. To un-know the barriers I know well. Maybe to even find my own tiny world.

Lisa B: This book is right up my alley: interesting characters, situations and a mystery! I enjoyed getting to know the characters as they worked through their pasts so they could fully live in the present. The conclusion is very satisfying. I look forward to reading many more books by the author.

Renee F: I loved the vivid imagery of the garden, the paintings and the South. Race is a part of the story but the author doesn’t have a political agenda. Skin tone through the eyes of a 5 year-old is a humbling reminder that beneath the surface we are all, simply, human.

Lisa W: One part mystery, one part love story, and one part redemption with a side dish of dreamlike imagery. Spencer’s language is so beautifully visual I feel like I spent time in the garden and the meadow. I feel like I watched a movie. She captures the flickering images of childhood perfectly. A great book club read.

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