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(... for Hero, the Wonder Dog...)

Still searching through the darkness

In forever which you’ve roamed

To peek around an alley-way

And hope that you are home.


Things are looking down, old boy

For you’ve not the strength to bay

At the moon that lights the same back yard

In which you used to play.


The stars are shining bright tonight

You pick out one or two

For they say that if you wish on one

It surely will come true.


You wish for love, you wish for home;

For things to be the same

And if there’s just one wish allowed,

You wish to hear your name.


The darkness of this endless night

Reflects the stars above

Watch over me, deliver me

Back to the hands of love.


You’ll carry on another day,

When dawn defeats the dark

For though you’re weak, it’s beating strong

Your gentle, broken heart.

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