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The Quiet Carrying On of Life

"It was easier to see, in the afternoon slant of sun, how the extended hours of light and warmth of springtime ignited life. Pollen hung visible in the air while the husks of newly opened buds popped and fell." (excerpt, Searching for George's Garden)

We are still while the very earth beneath our feet spins in quiet rotation, rising higher in the sky each day as it nears the middle of its orbit around the sun. The days are extended as we are pulled further away, and many of the things dependent on this warmth are born. Everywhere, life is renewed with vigor. In the race to make the most of one more season, plants reveal themselves, hurry to become, again, something to be noticed.

With many thanks to Deborah Delduco for this beautiful review on Amazon, at a time when wholeness seems fleeting - until we remember how it feels to run barefoot in the garden.

"Kay Spencer's prose is both sensual and evocative as she weaves a story of three tortured souls. The tale has a dreamlike quality as mysterious objects like a pink suitcase, blue M&Ms and a lizard cage form a mosaic of supernatural clues to the unhealed past of the characters as they bond over uncovering a hidden garden. Set in a place that seems out of time, the three come to trust, depend on, and love each other. "I don't want to give away the end except to say it still brings me to tears as broken becomes whole through secrets of the heart and small, ordinary acts of love. We are all broken in one way or another; if you allow, this book will reach in there, touch that place and make it beautiful."

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